Nick Haller

Loading...Height: 5'6
Weight: 140
Age: 24
Category: Cat 2
Lives: Monument
Hometown: Colorado Springs
Years Competing: 3

Favorite Trail: Space Ape
Favorite Trick: Whip!
Favorite Bike Movie: Strength In Numbers
How many times have you wathced Life Cycles? 4
What bikes do you ride? Specialized Status
What is worth more, your bike or your car? Bike!
Favorite song I ride to: Radioactive
Do you like to lead, follow, or get out of the way? Lead when I'm not riding with Gavin
Favorite rider to ride with? Gavin and Theron

Long term goals
Ride for a living
Race world Cup
Get to Pro level by the end of 2014 season

Short Term Goals
Do as many races as possible.
Podium Cat 2 in DH and Dual Slalom.
Race Cat 1 by the end of 2013 Season.

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