Theron Tate

Loading...Height: 5'9
Weight: 160
Age: 41
Category: Cat 2, Open, Masters 30
Lives: Fort Collins
Hometown: Winter Park
Years Competing: 6

Favorite Trail: Vengeance
Favorite Trick: Suicide No Hander
Favorite Bike Movie: Strength in Numbers
How many times have you wathced Life Cycles? 20+
What bikes do you ride? Ellsworth Method, Momentum, Moment
What is worth more, your bike or your car? Bike!
Favorite song I ride to: Radioactive
Events: MSC, Trestle Series, Wheel Wars
Do you like to lead, follow, or get out of the way? Love to lead and follow
Favorite rider to ride with? Everyone!
Other Sponsors: Adam Way Racing, Ellsworth Bicycles, Marzocchi Suspension, Slik Products, RB Components, Ryno Power, Loaded Precision Components, Sock Guy, Gamut USA, Rockwell Time, Braking Cycling,

Riding bikes for 20 years

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I Like goin' fast

February 8 2015 : Team Video---Elevation

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February 8 2015 : Circumvolution

New camera angles with Theron Tate

January 15 2013 : Find Your Line

Theron Tate finds the line.

June 10 2012 : Fresh Lines

Fresh lines by Theron Tate.

May 10 2012 : iMaxxis

Maxxis POV

March 6 2012 : It's My Life

Theron Tate takes you into a day in his life.